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Schools are using Sensations English to improve results of students, provide feedback, and assign homework in a clear and detailed format.

Using video in the classroom is one of the best ways to provide a personalised learning experience. Personalised learning is becoming an increasingly important demand and refers to any efforts made to tailor education to meet students’ different needs.

Personalised video has emerged as a modern and unconventional way to reach potential / current students, and alumni on an individual basis. Using targeted videos as a Personalised learning tool will produce a stronger relationship with your students. Consequently, you’ll have better mutual communication and ongoing engagement.

When you learn something from a visual medium, there is a higher chance that you’ll memorize it quickly and efficiently. By creating, sending, and using Personalised video in Personalised learning, both teachers and students become more flexible. They have a sense of connection and build mutual understanding. The benefits of using Personalised video in the process of Personalised learning are apparent.
However, some might think that such an approach asks for an enormous amount of money, time, and energy. The truth is you could actually reduce the financial burden.

The current approach in schools is still the “one-size-fits-all.” All students are approached the same way and with the same sources. Typically, when the lecture finishes, the entire class moves onto the next one although some students haven’t understood it completely. However, with the constant digitalisation of our world, personalised learning becomes something widely accepted, and easier to introduce.

Personalised learning, or student-centred learning, has one general goal – to satisfy individual learning needs, instead of choosing a logistically more practical approach.
Instead of holding students back and leaving them behind, you can now offer an innovative, engaging, and compelling way to learn.

Personalisation in education determines a variety of learning activities, instructional methods, and academic-support strategies that need to meet the different learning needs, ambitions, or backgrounds of particular students.

The benefits of using personalised video in Teaching

  • Using personalised video in education is memorable and comprehensive
  • Visual stimulation grabs student’s attention
  • Remote teaching opportunities expand exponentially
  • Video emphasises digital literacy
  • There are a variety of ways teachers can use classroom videos
  • The stimulation of higher-order learning
  • Teachers become facilitators
  • The variety of videos available
  • Videos can be used to accommodate shorter attention spans
  • Using personalised video in education promotes engagement
  • Using personalised video in education is affordable

Personalised learning can move mountains for students. It means that assignments and instruction are tailored to individual students’ interests, needs, and skills. It allows the teacher to bring in more robust, useful, and varied material into the classroom.

Placing the students and their learning needs at the heart of each educational initiative helps them succeed later in life. EdTech plays a crucial role in achieving this through the various ways it supports educators in creating and delivering personalised learning experiences for every student.

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